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“I’ve always voted Conservative…”

“I’ve always voted Labour…”

Voting can be a habit, an act of tribal loyalty. But the Conservatives and Labour are NOT the tribes they were. They’ve CHANGED FUNDAMENTALLY, lurching to extremes of left and right that are alien to their traditions and traditional voters.

Conservatives could once claim to be practical, hard-headed managers of our economy. No more. Hijacked by far-right Nationalists, they’re hell bent on delivering a Brexit that economists and business leaders say will DEVASTATE our economy for a generation. The only people who’ll benefit are the vulture speculators who backed Leave in the hope of making a quick buck, and media barons like Rupert Murdoch, eager to dictate policy to Downing Street without the EU getting in the way. When Boris Johnson said he didn’t care about business – though using stronger language – he meant it. It’s one of the few promises he’s delivering on.

An effective Opposition would expose this. But Labour are now a rabble, more interested in simplistic class war slogans and the politics of protest than improving life for ordinary families. The moderate, centre-left party of Wilson, Kinnock, Blair and Brown is dead and gone forever. Flooded by far-left extremists, it elected Jeremy Corbyn as leader. A veteran of the hard left, he’s always been lukewarm about NATO and our nuclear deterrent, and for many years wanted to leave the EU, only campaigning half-heartedly for Remain in 2016. Perhaps worst of all, he’s let antisemitism flourish in a party once committed to fighting racism.

So, I appeal to Conservative supporters who see the folly of Brexit to lend me your vote. I invite traditional Labour voters who lament the party’s shift to the far left, to do the same. The Liberal Democrats speak for mainstream, moderate British values. We recognise the role of the state in protecting the vulnerable, the importance of enterprise in wealth creation, and the duty of government to invest that wealth in our infrastructure, to build a better Britain for ALL of us.

South Staffordshire doesn’t have to be a Conservative seat forevermore – YOU have the power to change that. YOUR vote CAN make a difference. Demand better than the extremism of Labour and the Tories. Demand an end to Brexit. Demand a Liberal Democrat government and a fresh start in Europe. Demand better for South Staffordshire by voting for Chris Fewtrell on 12th December.


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