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Public services have suffered swingeing cuts under the Tories. In the West Midlands region, the Education budget has been cut by £556.7 million since 2015. Education Secretary Gavin Williamson shook the PM’s newfound magic money tree, but the Association of School and College Leavers’ said the extra spending was “only about half of what is needed”, with the West Midlands receiving the second lowest per pupil percentage increase in the country. Our NHS and Social Care systems face a funding and staffing crisis which Brexit will only worsen. Much of the Government’s recent spending increase involved smoke and mirrors – the “40 new hospitals” Johnson promised actually amounted to upgrading just 6 existing hospitals, with vague plans for future expansion. If Brexit happens, Johnson will be forced to beg Donald Trump for a trade deal and our NHS could be carved up by US Health Insurance and Pharma companies. YOU CAN’T TRUST THE TORIES WITH OUR VITAL PUBLIC SERVICES.

Labour has made huge, unsustainable spending pledges in both Health and Social Care and in Education. Even assuming they could generate their eyewatering sums through much higher levels of taxation and borrowing, much of the revenue will be spent on ideologically driven restructuring plans, squandering money on bureaucracy that should be invested in patients and pupils. LABOUR’S SPENDING PLANS ARE NOT CREDIBLE AND WILL THREATEN RECOVERY.

We’ll put a penny in the pound on Income Tax to give the NHS and Social Care Services an additional £7 billion a year, to meet immediate priorities in social care, reverse cuts to public health, and boost spending on mental health. We’ll also use part of our £130 billion capital fund for much needed investment in hospitals and equipment. We will also use the fund to repair our neglected schools and build new ones. We will immediately invest £4.6 billion to reverse Tory cuts, providing an extra £10 billion a year for schools by 2024-25. ONLY THE LIBERAL DEMOCRATS WILL REBUILD OUR PUBLIC SERVICES IN A RESPONSIBLE, SUSTAINABLE WAY.


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