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They've arrived! Our Election Leaflets will be with you soon!

Today's the day! After many months of painstaking work from our lovely designers, we have our completed leaflets. In these you can discover more about Chris Fewtrell, our candidate and how he's going to work to build a #BrighterFuture for South Staffordshire.

You can download these leaflets here:

Other the coming days, we will be sharing posts about our policies, including exclusive, extended thoughts from Chris on his vision for South Staffordshire and our country. Stay tuned!


Chris Fewtrell is a television writer and former journalist, who lives near Codsall with his family. He’s made his home in South Staffordshire for the last seventeen years and greatly fears the impact Brexit will have upon the jobs and livelihoods of ordinary families throughout the constituency. He says, “Like most people, up until a few years ago, the role of the EU in our national life wasn’t something that greatly preoccupied me. When the Referendum was called, I considered relevant opinion – economists, business leaders, national security experts and so on – and it became very clear that our future prosperity and security were best served by remaining in the EU.”

“Like me, thirty-five per cent of people in South Staffs voted to Remain in 2016. Since then, many people have changed their minds and a number of young people have come onto the electoral roll. We need that growing Remain sentiment to come together if it is to make itself heard. Many former Labour voters will despair at the party’s lurch to the left and their lack of clarity on Brexit. Economically responsible voters who’ve voted Tory in the past might oppose Boris Johnson’s reckless Brexit, but they won’t back Jeremy Corbyn’s equally rash plans. This means their only viable Remain option, and therefore the only party that can realistically threaten Gavin Williamson’s hefty majority, is the Liberal Democrats. So, in the interests of South Staffordshire and the country as a whole, I urge you to lend me your vote on 12th December, to stop Brexit and build a brighter future for all of us.”


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