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Out and About in Brewood

Just back from a great morning's canvassing in the village of Brewood. There was lots of interest and lots of positivity about what the Liberal Democrats have to say. There was also a good deal of concern with regard to our Prime Minister and his ethical and temperamental suitability for high office. The recent endorsement from the Brexit Party has only served to confirm many people's suspicions that the Conservatives are not the party they once were and have been hijacked by their lunatic, right-wing nationalist fringe.

One of the other things to come across was people's desperation that their politicians should get on with tackling the issues that really matter, such as rescuing the shattered public services upon which so many of us depend. Meeting one gravely ill constituent brought home the real importance of the decision we all face on December 12th. We can vote for economic ruin, a greatly reduced tax take and further cuts to our health service, or we can end the Brexit madness ON DAY ONE of a Liberal Democrat government and invest the £50 billion Remain Bonus in properly funding our NHS, so that no-one need wait a moment longer than they have to for lifesaving treatment. Brexit will change all of our lives, some more than others, very, very few for the better.

Only a party capable of taking votes from the Conservatives can hope to defeat Gavin Williamson in South Staffordshire. That is the statistical and doorstep reality. Former Tory voters who see Brexit for the death cult that it is simply will not leap from the Johnson frying pan into the Corbyn fire. They could, however, migrate to a party that wishes to govern from the centre ground, that understands the need for both social compassion and economic responsibility, that is in tune with the moderate instincts of the majority of the British people. That party is the Liberal Democrats, the only non-Tory party who could ever hope to win in South Staffordshire.

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