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Remembrance Sunday

It was a moving Remembrance Sunday ceremony in Bilbrook yesterday, and a humbling experience to lay a wreath at the War Memorial. In these fractious, divided times, it was so very heartening to see a community united in memory of those who gave their lives in defence of our freedom. That very freedom to agree to disagree that now feels more threatened than ever by some of the rhetoric being thrown around by our politicians. All of us engaged in this election campaign owe it to the fallen to conduct ourselves with dignity and restraint and, in so doing, truly honour their memory and their sacrifice.

Because the act of Remembrance - especially those two, rare minutes of silence and reflection in these turbulent times - should be a sober meditation on where the worst angels of our nature can lead us. It should stir our humanity, not stoke our sense of grievance. It should inspire us to work together to seek solutions to the infinitely complex problems that beset our world, not look inwards or backwards for the consolation of easy answers or convenient scapegoats. History has taught us that is a dangerous road on which to embark, and standing in the shadow of the War Memorial yesterday, that lesson never felt more urgent.

Lest We Forget.

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