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The Tories offer us a choice between the PM’s disastrous deal – making us £70 billion poorer over the next 10 years and seriously undermining our security in a dangerous world – or a No Deal the Government’s own analysis says will lead to food and medicine shortages and civil unrest. It is a myth that Brexit can be ‘done’ in months. It’ll mean endless wrangling with country after country. We will be talking about Brexit for years and years to come. THE ONLY WAY TO END BREXIT IS TO STOP BREXIT.

Labour are led by a man who has campaigned to leave the EU for most of his life. They want to appeal to Leave voters AND Remain voters with their muddled policy of trying to get a new deal, followed by a Referendum in which way they can’t even say which option they’d support. LABOUR ARE ALL THINGS TO ALL PEOPLE AND NO USE TO ANYONE.

According to the overwhelming majority of economists, business leaders, security experts and the R & D sector, the best deal for Britain is full membership of the EU. No ifs, no buts, fact rather than fantasy. The Liberal Democrats are the only party who will halt the Brexit madness on DAY ONE, leaving us free to address the issues that really matter to the British people. STOP BREXIT! BUILD A BRIGHTER FUTURE.


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